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(Re: Dino Art & Q)

Subject: Dino Art & Q

GOBI 2010 wrote:

> I was wondering...
> Is there a Paleoartists' asociation or any groups for people who
> draw/paint/create art of prehistoric life?

Dear Jessica Wager: There used to be a listing of dinosaur artists on
the Dinosaur Society website (dinosociety.org/artists.html) but it seems
to have disappeared.  You might look at "Dinosaurs Past & Present" ed.
by Sylvia Czerkas and E. C. Olson (Los Angeles: Natural History Museum,
1987), or at my book, "The Last Dinosaur Book: The Life and Times of a
Cultural Icon" (Chicago, 1998) to get started on this, but there are
hundreds of artists out there beyond what you will find in these books. 
Tom Mitchell>

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