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Re: dinosaur paleo in Science Fiction

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Subject: dinosaur paleo in Science Fiction

Re: stories. See also Jules Verne, "Journey to the Center of the Earth";
Harry Harrison, "West of Eden"; Sharon Farber, "The Last Thunderhorse
West of the Mississippi," (from Asimov Short Stories, 1988); Bakker's
"Raptor Red"; Karel Capek, "War with the Newts" (a truly great
dinotopian novel, though some will argue that its erect bipedal
salamanders are not "true" dinosaur, whatever that it is...)

My candidate for the best dino story ever written:  Italo Calvino, "The
Dinosaur" in his "Cosmicomix."  Calvino is among the greatest of the
modern Italian fiction writers.  Check it out.   Tom Mitchell

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