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Re: New ankylosaur and nodosaur announced

Well, the news releases didn't say much.

I remember seeing some of the nodosaur material last year during the
Early, middle Cretaceous symposum when we stoped at the CEU collections.
Jim and Ken hadn't seen the material yet. I think we were looking at an
ulna, it is huge. They had Brown's Ankylosaurus article and they
compared mesaurments, and the nodosaur was a few centimeters larger!
Glad to hear there is even more material.

The skull they showed is of a new shamosaur from the LC of Utah. It's a
partial skull, which can be seen on page 267, in the article...

Carpenter, Kenneth and James I. Kirkland, 1998. Review of Lower and
Middle Cretaceous Ankylosaurs From North America. In: Lower and Middle
Cretaceous Terrestrial Ecosystems. Edited by Spencer G.Lucas, James I.
Kirkland and John W. Estep, New Mexico Museum of Natural History and
Science, Bulletin 14: 249-270.

This is another group of dinosaurs that is known in both Aisa and North
America. Like the nodosaur, it comes from the Early Cretaceous. Does
this mean there was a land bridge in the Early Cretaceous?

In the late Cretaceous the new ankylosaur skull, Nodocephalosaurus (from
New Mexico) is more like Asian ankylsaurs, Saichania and Tarchia.
Another land bridge during the Late Cretaceous?

A lot to think about to say the least.