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Re: College

At 05:09 PM 4/27/99 PDT, Jessica Wagar wrote:
>Hey all,
>My mom wanted me to look up colleges for people who want to become 
>paleontologists that are in Michigan. I'm at a bit of a loss, and 
>haven't been able to come up with anything! Can anyone help me find a 
>college in michigan that's medium-to-small sized, with a good 
>geology/biology program? (and possibly good drawing/painting classes 
>on the side)...

Well, I can't help on the medium-to-small sized aspect, BUT...

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor has a *very* active paleontology
program, including some world-class mammal paleontologists (Catherine
Badgely and Phil Gingerich, among others).  Phil Gingerich is famous in
evolutionary biology circles for his "Ginge-grams" (plots of evolutionary
rates, mostly from tooth measurements of early Cenozoic mammals), but might
be more familiar to people on this list for his work on early whales.

Michigan State University (East Lansing) also has an active vertebrate
paleontology program.

Note that it is not essential as an undergraduate to go to some place that
concentrates on dinosaurs (for example).  Your undergraduate career should
be about learning the fundamentals: it's in grad school that you specialize.

Hope this helps.

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
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