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Re: New ankylosaur and nodosaur announced

In a message dated 99-04-28 11:19:50 EDT, you write:

 Am I the only one, or does that ankylosaur drawing have a bit of a beer gut?
 :) Was that intended from rib cage estimations? Oooo I hate waiting for
 publication! :)  
 (Not meaning to offend the artist, ankylosaurs seem like they are a bugger
 to draw. A cross between a coffee table and a tank!) >>

  If you would like to see a really splendid ankylosaur restoration, see the 
Greg Paul interview in the latest _Prehistoric Times_ magazine. I don't want 
to seem to be a shill for that publication, mind you, but on page 10 of PT 
No.35 is a wonderful restoration by Greg of a beer-gutted Euoplocephalus. 
Also, it's important to remember that the armor was covered by "hide". See 
Colbert's _Dinosaurs Their Discovery and their World_1961, plate 75. This is 
Sauropelta. Note the patch of skin impression above the left shoulder.
  Also, I would like to know if anyone can document the first time a 
restoration or reconstruction was made of a nodosaur without a tail-club. Dan 
Varner. PS. Prehistoric Times is available at: http://members.aol.com/pretimes