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Re: Dinos on microcontinents ( was Re: Theropod "migrations")

When this one came out, the Oregonian reported that it was
buried under water and may have floated to its resting place.
Unfortunatly, that's about all I can remember.  I keep being
told over and over that Oregon was just under water during 
the Mesozoic, I just keep hoping... :)


At 08:31 PM 4/27/99 -0700, Phillip Bigelow wrote:
>Regarding the question of dinosaur fossils found in strata within
>a microplate...
>The "Oregon hadrosaur" may fall into that category.  It was
>collected about 3-4 years ago along the Oregon coast.  If my
>memory serves, the basement rocks along that part of the coast
>are pre-late Cretaceous in age, and are part of a microplate
>that was accreted to Oregon in late Cretaceous.
>It is possible that the hadrosaur was deposited in Cretaceous
>seds. layed down after the plate had accreted to the continent.
>My geologic timing may be off, perhaps someone else knows more.
>My only source is a newspaper clipping.
>              <pb>