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Re: Dromeosaurid behavior........Pack hunting! (long)

First, I want to state that I belive deinonichi did hunt in packs.

Now, I just HAVE to say this.  It bugs me when only one side of an
argument is made.  

Just because it may be a good idea doesn't mean it happened.  I'm
curious to hear from someone who doesn't believe they were pack 

Somewhere along the way, animals had to learn to hunt in packs. 
I suspect this happened after other animals learned to live in herds,
as most (not all) pack hunters prey on herding animals.   Since not 
all animals hunt in packs, either they never did so or it was unlearned.  
>From that, it could either be difficult to learn or there are probably
some advantages to not doing so.  


At 04:10 PM 4/28/99 -0500, megaraptor wrote:
>I'm glad someone agrees with me.  There are no real disadvantages to the
>pack hunting life style.  In a pack you have:
> 1.A close knit family that helps in the care of the young
> 2.Several eyes on the look out for danger.
> 3.You are able to bring down larger prey and able to feed better.
>The discovery of the Tenontosaur skeleton and the several D.antirrhopus
>skeletons only proves that at least on species of dromeosaurids hunted
>in packs.