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Re: Dromeosaurid behavior........Pack hunting! (long)

Randy King wrote:

> First, I want to state that I belive deinonichi did hunt in packs.

Oh, so do I.

> Just because it may be a good idea doesn't mean it happened.  I'm
> curious to hear from someone who doesn't believe they were pack
> animals.

Again, I agree with you.  and to further this statement, I don't believe in
the either or argument;  Dinosaur carnivores were either pack hunters, or
they were not.  Some must have been, and others must not have been, for
whatever reasons.  And I have to admit, while the idea of a pack of
Deinonychus' (Deinonychii?) may be kind of frightening from the point of view
of a slow moving, bipedal omnivore such as myself, I really don't find it
thrilling.  I find it logical, and perhaps beautiful from a distant (and
safe!) point of view, but not something that really captures my imagination.
It simply makes sense (to me).

Have a great week!

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