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Re: The Last Dinosaur Book

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>And as far 
as I know, there are no dinosaurs on display at the La Brea tar 
pits--certainly nothing dinosaurian of significance (not counting birds, of

course). Rather, the Page Museum at the La Brea tar pits is a storehouse of

Pleistocene mammal fossils, representing the kinds of animals that the tar 
pits trapped.
        Ah yes, but you forget that Dr. Mitchell explicity explained in the
book (or maybe you haven't gotten there yet) that his definition of the
word "dinosaur," in order to use it in the term in the identical fashion as
the general public whose Jungian psyche he's trying to understand, has the
same definition as the word "fossil."  We had some people come through the
Denver Museum several years ago who, while going through the old fossil
mammal hall, were heard to explain "Here's the rhinoceros dinosaur, and
here's the elephant dinosaur," etc., etc.  Thus, for the purposes of the
book, _any_ fossil organism is a dinosaur.

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