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Just been to the library and had the opportunity to note some 
interesting new papers. Unfortunately I cannot cite the fulls refs: 
like everything else in this god-forsaken country, photocopying is 
too expensive for me to be able to afford it. 

In _Can. J. Earth Sci._ there is a paper on a strange new 
non-ornithodiran archosaur taxon from Canada. I think Triassic, and 
named something like _Sakinnisuchus_. 

_Geol. Mag._: Europe first lambeosaurine. This is something 
previously described as _Pararhabdodon_: those with good memories, or 
who care, will recall the discussion of European lambeosaurines at 
the last Vert. Palaeo. workshop conference in Maastricht. 

And if anyone hasn't seen it...

JI, S.-A., JI, Q. and PADIAN, K. 1999. Biostratigraphy of new 
pterosaurs from China. _Nature_ 398: 573-4.

_Current Biology_ advertises on its cover the paper on the eyes of 
sandlances: like chamaeleons, they can independently swivel their 
turret-like eyes. Looks like a cool paper.