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Re: Dromeosaurid behavior

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 >crows can also function much like a "pack" as they hunt smaller birds.   
  They have been observed gathering near houses, waiting for smaller birds   
 to fly by.  Several members of the group then drive the smaller birds   
 into the windows of the house, and the rest gather to eat them.   
  Certainly this is organized hunting of a sort<
 One of my favorite paintings is "The Fox Hunt" by Winslow Homer, which   
 depicts a small flock of crows attacking a fox.  He painted this in Maine   
 in 1893 and the story is that he witnessed this event himself.  He wrote   
 that the crows alternated in attacking the fox, pursuing it through the   
 deep snow until it collapsed from exhaustion; at which point they killed   
 it and ate it. The painting can be seen at:

  Please note, also, that this type of behavior was depicted several times by 
the great Swedish artist, Bruno Liljefors (1860-1939). Go to 
http://www.carol.org/gcmwww/sportingart/marin.html  for a particularly fine 
example of this master's art. Dan Varner.