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Re: Dromeosaurid behavior........Pack hunting! (long)

Franklin Galef wrote:

> >>> "John M. Dollan" <dollan@cyberport.net> 04/28 6:03 PM >>>
> Also, again from the point of view of simple curiosity, is not the mass
> fossilization of Coelophysis groups proof of their living in large groups?  Or
> was this simply a result of the animal being very numerous and its remains
> coming to rest in a chance communal grave over a long period of time (my, 
> wasn't
> that a long and bogged down sentence)?
> Not to appear overly uniformitarian, but I wonder if the coelophysis 
> assemblage could have been a winter den.

Now that is an intriguing possibility that I hadn't considered.  I suppose that 
it would depend on climatic conditions seasonally, but it is feasible to think 
that not just cold weather would promote communal denning.

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