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Re: Dromeosaurid behavior........Pack hunting! (long)

From: "John M. Dollan" <dollan@cyberport.net> wrote:

Franklin Galef wrote:

> >>> "John M. Dollan" <dollan@cyberport.net> 04/28 6:03 PM >>>
> Also, again from the point of view of simple curiosity, is not the mass
> fossilization of Coelophysis groups proof of their living in large groups? Or
> was this simply a result of the animal being very numerous and its remains
> coming to rest in a chance communal grave over a long period of time (my, wasn't
> that a long and bogged down sentence)?
> Not to appear overly uniformitarian, but I wonder if the coelophysis assemblage could have been a winter den.

Now that is an intriguing possibility that I hadn't considered. I suppose that it would depend on climatic conditions seasonally, but it is feasible to think that not just cold weather would promote communal denning.

Are you refering to the massive grave at Ghost Ranch?


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