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Re: The Last Dinosaur Book

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 4/29/99 11:44:29 AM EST, wjtm@midway.uchicago.edu writes:
> << As for my "mistake" about dinosaurs at La Brea Tarpits.  Sorry once again,
>  George.  I say that the tarpits have authentic mastodons and "life-size
>  robotic dinosaur models." I do not say they have dinosaur fossils.  Where's
>  the mistake? >>
> I see nothing on page 19 about robot dinosaurs, nor, for that matter, about
> mastodons. The sentence reads, "California has no real dinosaurs to brag
> about, but it displays them 'in response to public demand' at the La Brea tar
> pits and Universal Studios." You are talking about >real< dinosaurs here.
> (And Universal Studios doesn't have any real dinosaurs, either, as far as I
> know.)
WHAT!!! Want a bunch of crap. I'm really glad I didn't fork over any
money for the book. I am currently working on the nodosaur from San
Diego, which to the authors dismay, is on display at the San Diego
Natural History Museum. The author didn't do his research. I will also
hopefully in the next few years work on teh hadrosaur material too. And
get the material on display.

> But incidentally, California >does< have its own real dinosaurs, several
> fossils of which (hadrosaurians, nodosaurians) are currently in the
> collections at the San Diego Museum of Natural HIstory (and I think there may
> be some more at the LACM and at Berkeley). Of course, they're pretty scrappy:
> nothing to brag about, except for a certain nodosaurian that is to become a
> new genus in the near future. (So you should have said, "Few real dinosaurs.")
Yes, SDMNH, LACM, Berkeley, and a few other small museums/exhibts.