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*** Dinosaurs' culinary habits disputed

WASHINGTON (AP) - The books and movies are wrong. The long-necked
dinosaurs, which were the largest animals ever to walk the Earth, did
not go around cropping treetops but, in fact, could lift their heads
only a few feet above the ground, a new study says. Michael Parrish,
a researcher at Northern Illinois University, said he and a colleague
used a computer model of the neck fossil bones of two types of
dinosaurs, Diplodocus and Apatosaurus, to discover how well the huge
animals were able to move. Apatosaurus was once called Brontosaurus
and is one of the best known of dinosaurs. What they found, said
Parrish, was that the even though dinosaurs had necks that could be
40 feet or more long, the animals could not raise their heads much
above 9 to 12 feet. See
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