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Re: The Last Dinosaur Book/Show

>George J. Leonard wrote:

>    Tom, here's a concept for you. You be the one to bring that art into
>the temple. In the Last Dinosaur Book, you have already curated, as if
>were, a conceptual show. Physicalize it, sell great stacks of your book
>as its catalog. Take the LDB public.
>     If you could acquire a tenth of the art showcased in LDB
>(particularly the Mark Dion installation) it would be a blockbuster. Also
>(and this was one reason why I thought you'd like this list) you are
>already in touch here with the best working paleoartists in the world. If
>exhibit gaps developed from availability, you're already in touch with
>exactly the people who could fill those gaps.

I like it! Whatever you think of the theory, the art is fun. It's part pop
art, part science, and part ... well, whatever "regular" art is. The charm
of an exhibit is that it can get _everybody_ thinking about both dinosaurs
and how we see them. Dinosaurs are 'hot' now, so a travelling dino-art
exhibit might excite the museums interested in bringing in new traffic.

-- Jeff Hecht, jhecht@world.std.com