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Re: Parrish's neck work ...

What is
>interesting, I think, is the amount of ventriflexion (how far these
>sauropods could bend their necks downward) that is possible -- you can
>make Apatosaurus bend its neck so that its head is looking up at its

I am curious that no one has mentioned rearing here.  If any sauropods
could rear, there would be no need for them to flex the neck upward to any
degree as the rearing would do that for them - but a considerable degree of
ventriflexion might be extremely useful to a rearing sauropod trying to get
at some tasty foliage on the far side of a tree.  Of course, if rearing was
part of their behaviour then Parrish's discovery does not mean that they
could not feed in trees - only that they had to rear to do it.  (PS - I
have not read the paper in Science)
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