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RE: Parrish's neck work ...

From: "Augustus T. White" <augwhite@neosoft.com> wrote:

Almost nothing about [sauropods] makes intuitive
sense. The low-neck model helps solve the blood pressure problem, but then why
bother with a long neck if you can't elevate it, not mention the mechanical
problems connected with feeding...

--Toby White

And then you have to think about the amount of muscle needed to hold such a long neck in the air. Sit on a chair and hold your leg parallel to the ground and you'll see what I mean, you can't do it for long. It's just easier to hold it under you or above you (which would be the case for sauropods). They same to be a paradox all wrpped up in one little bundle. Hold your head high to save strength and pass out. Hold your head low and don't pass out, but get a major kink in the neck. And then of, course, there's feeding problem Toby mentioned.

Jason Pedersen

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