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Re: Well...long necks

Chris wrote:

>So am I the only one who has always thought that these long necks were 
>for feeding underwater? From the shore, now while swimming. It seems 
>there must have been a lot of lakes and ponds with lots water vegetation. 
>I also don't recall much in the way of fossil evidence of animals who 
>could take advantage of all that vegetation.

My references say that lots of sauropod teeth show signs of abrasion,
something the animals would get from masticating tough terrestrial plants,
not soft "algae" (or weeds, whatever you call them). Plus, isn't there a
case of fossilized pine needles in the gut of a sauropod?

Aquatic herbivores? Turtles seem to fit the bill. Any proof for such a diet
in Mesozoic chelonians?

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau