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Re: Parrish's neck work ...

At 03:22 PM 4/30/99 EDT, UNION4884@aol.com wrote:
>Would there be any evolutionary advantage to having such a long neck, if
>head couldn't be lifted to snack on treetops.  It doens't seem logical that  
>sauropods would develop as they did, and not be able to lift their heads 
>above 10 or 12 feet.  

In many respects, I have to agree with this sentiment.  If sauropods ate
from trees, not being able to lift you head over a tree would make moving
among trees very difficult, even if they weren't so large.  I can see them
threading their necks through trees to move in any direction, but if they ran
into any kind of obstruction, they would have to back up and snake their way
in a different direction.  They would not be able to see moving backwards
under these conditions.  

If they didn't live in heavily forested areas, there wouldn't be enough 
green matter (at least from trees) to eat.  With no grasses, that would
leave shrubs.  What shrubs were present?  Could they survive being eaten
and trampled by such sauropods?  I suppose that could be part of their
life cycle.  Somehow, it all seems unreasonable.