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Dromeosaurid behavior........Pack hunting!

Subject: Re: Dromeosaurid behavior........Pack hunting!
From: "TRUETT GARNER" <DINOBOY@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 22:22:49 -0400
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>Question :
>Is there any indication of how these dromaeosaurids died,( bite-marks ,
>bone trauma not associated with geologic processes , etc .) ?Having been in
>one of these discussions  before  , emphasis has usually been placed on how
>the Tenontosarurs died . That , and all my references seem to be hung-up on
>" obvious " social interactions among dromaeosaurids (ie.- a pack killed
>the Tenontosaurus and several of the pack perished in the attack .) . What
>I'm curious to know is whether or not any material has been found to
>indicate that these animals may have fallen victim to a larger
>theropod , guarding it's kill .Or , and this is reaching , is there any
>indication of a body of water associated with any of the sites ? I'm
>exploring several scenarios that excludes
>pack-hunting as an explanation for these assemblages .
>Best regards ,
>Truett Garner <

There must surely be some characteristic skeletal changes associated with
starvation.  Can any be seen in fossils?