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Today I just bought the Styracosaurus from Wild Safari when I was at the
Dakota Dinosaur Museum.  I got home and read the bio...I got to the factoid
and it reads this  :"The Styracosaurus' spikes may have served two perpuses:
to defend its vulnerable neck and for cooling its head." 

Cooling its head????  I never heard that theory... nor did I like it.  So I
went to searching in my books...1st... "The Horned Dinosaurs", by Dodson.
Then "The Dinosaur Heresies" by Bakker, "Enclyopidia of Dinosaurs" Currie
and Padian,  "The Illustrated Encyclopidea of Dinosaurs" Norman.  None of
them had anymention to thermoregulation of Styracosaurus. So my question is
has there been any thought of the spikes being used as heat regulators?  And
if so, WHY?

As I was looking for more information I found these two interesting items:

The Dinosaur Society's Dinosaur Encyclopedia 1993 page 454(Lessum adn Glut)
_Styracosaurus makeli_ unoffical name, not been described.  Has a forward
and downward-turned nasel horn.  Has this been described yet? Or is this
referring to _Einiosaurus procurviconis_? If it isnt where is it at, and is
anyone working on it?

Dinosaur Lives 1997 page 194-195, (Horner) Tells of a centrosaurine from the
Landslide Butte,Two Medicine Formation, I believe.  No genus or species
name, Just refers to it as Centrosaurine 1.  It has a long nasal horn and 2
long spikes, like that of _Einiosaurus procurviconis_ , _Achelousaurus
horneri_ and  _Pachyrhinosaurus_. Is the one he is refering to been named
and described? Or is it currently being worked on for description and

And I would like to appologize for sending out 2 emails on the big, bigger,
biggest. My email was going slow, and I ended up clicking on it twice.

Mr. K.Wicks
Dickinson State University -ND
Dept of Natural Sciences- Biology

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Paleo Mont Park

"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldnt be called research, would it?" A.

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