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Dinosaurs of Europe

The fifth of my files of An Annotated Checklist of Dinosaurs by Continent is 
now ready: Dinosaurs of Europe. All dinosaur species based on European 
material known to me. European dinosaurs are a taxonomic nightmare; I hope I 
won't be adding to the confusion (that's not the idea of these files!). Email 
me privately (off list) to obtain copy of file. It prints out to 34 pages. Be 
sure to let me know whether you have Windows (for WordPerfect file) or Mac 
(for Rich Text Format file).

In compiling the above, I found a number of places where the four earlier 
files needed revisions, additions, and corrections. Anybody who wants latest 
version of Asian, African, South American, or North American dinosaur files 
please email me.

Only one more file to go before I've gone through all the dinosaur species: 
the dinosaurs of Antarctica, Australia, and India. This will likely be the 
shortest of the six files. Should have it ready by the end of the week.