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Dinosaurs of Australia, Antarctica, and India

Just finished the sixth and final file of dinosaur species by continent. This 
is the shortest file in the series, only 5 printed pages. Not too many 
dinosaurs on these three land masses! Email me privately to receive your free 
copy by return email.

Now that I have all the dinosaur species known to me sorted by continent, 
what will I do with them? Well, I'll put the latest versions of the files 
together into a convenient little booklet (about 120 pages), with an 
introduction, title page, and such, for sale to whoever wants one (tell your 
libraries). I'll have complete ordering information at my Web site soon, 
probably sometime early next week. (There will be some extra stuff, maybe 
also a picture or two, in the booklet in addition to the files of species 
names. Also a deal to compensate a little bit my most patient paid 
subscribers to other of my publications.)

One reason I want to produce this now is to get those little nomenclatural 
acts and emendations in the electronic files into the published literature, 
with a definite publication date and so forth. I've been carrying some of 
them around for years in the still unpublished monster manuscript for 
Mesozoic Meanderings #2 third edition, and it's high time they were made 
available. Of course, the electronic files will remain freely available and 
up to date perpetually, much like my Dinosaur Genera List, but it's always 
nice to have an "officially" bound and published version on paper, too.

It will become Mesozoic Meanderings #3: An Annotated Checklist of Dinosaur 
Species by Continent. Not exactly what I had planned for MM #3, but that's 
the way these things work out, I guess. There will be a signed and numbered 
first printing of 115 copies; first 15 copies will go to reviewers, Library 
of Congress, Zoological Record, etc.; remaining copies #16-115 will be for 
general sale, price still to be determined but nominal. When first printing 
is sold out, there will be an updated second printing, and so on. (Trying to 
keep things really simple and not get bogged down.)

Good to have something in print again after four years of having been stalled 
by one thing or another. More to come in the next millennium.