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Re: Oviraptor Nesting Site Ref?

Alan Blake Coulson wrote:

<Hi- does anyone know the ref for a reported oviraptor
nesting site in Mongolia can be found? The site was
described as being about 300 meters (square?). Thanks
for any help in finding this!>

  I don't know about 300 m2, and I pretty much assume
you're talking about Ukhaa Tolgod [oo-kah TOLL-gahd],
a place that has captured _my_ imagination, but here's
all the references on Mongolian nests and oviraptors
in the same paper:

  Norell et al. 1994. A theropod dinosaur embryo and
the affinities of the Flaming Cliffs dinosaur eggs.
_Science_ 266: 779-782.

  Dashzeveg et al. 1995. Extraordinary preservation in
a new vertebrate assemblage from the Late Cretaceous
of Mongolia. _Nature_ 374: 446-449.

  Clark 1995. An eggthief exonerated. _Natural
History_ 6/95: 56-57.

  Norell et al. 1995. A nesting dinosaur. _Nature_
378: 774-776.

  Norell et al. 1995. A nesting dinosaur [correction].
_Nature_ 379: 186.

  Weishampel 1995. Brooding with the best. _Nature_
378: 764-765.

  Norell et al. 1996. Discovering Dinosaurs: In the
American Museum of Natural History. [Knopf (New York)]

  Webster 1996. Dinosaurs of the Gobi: Unearthing a
fossil trove. _National Geographic Mag._ 190 (1):

  Dong and Currie 1996. On the discovery of an
oviraptorid skeleton on a nest of eggs at Bayan
Mandahu, Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China.
_Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences_ 33: 631-636.

  Clark et al. 1999. An oviraptorid skeleton from the
Late Cretaceous of Ukhaa Tolgod, Mongolia, preserved
in an avianlike brooding position over an oviraptorid
nest. _American Museum Novitates_ 3265: 36pp.

  I know I'm missing a few. Granger and Gregory's
paper on *Protoceratops* (1923), Osborn's on
*Oviraptor*, *Velociraptor* and *Saurornithoides*
(1924), Andrews' _New Conquest_ popular book, and
Psihoyos' popular book all mention it in passing to
some degree, and Glut's (1997) book plus several other
1997 articles in _Complete Dinosaur_ and _Encyclopedia
of Dinosaurs_ by Barsbold and others. A pretty
complete list of refs on this subject can be found at:


  You are welcome to peruse it.

Jaime "James" A. Headden

"Come the path that leads us to our fortune."

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