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Herbivorous Diet in an Ornithomimid

For a Discovery channel on-line article on this subject, see: "Toothless T-rex 
relative has got grit" at 

Unfortunately, this article features some "controversial" interpretations (i.e. 
whoppers).  For example:

"Recent analysis of a 1997 discovery of 12 theropod fossils in China, supports 
the fact that not all meat-eating dinosaurs dined on flesh.  These ones stuck 
to plants..."

"Theropods represent a large group of dinosaurs, which appeared to be largely 
carnivores.  They possessed blade-like teeth with serrations, such as was found 
in T-rex."

"But none of these twelve ornithomimids had teeth or bills."

"Additionally, some aquatic dinosaurs had swallowed pebbles to get around in 
their aquatic environments much like scuba divers use weight belts."

On the plus side, the article appears to have gotten some of the facts right!

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com

"Weed it and reap."