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SICB Meeting in Atlanta

I want to remind folks that tomorrow is the last
day to register for the Society for Integrative and
Comparative Biology/Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
jointly sponsored symposium at SVP member rates.
The convention is in Atlanta January 4-8, 2000.

The symposium is on Thursday, January 6, entitled
"Beyond Reconstruction:  Using Phylogenies to Test
Hypotheses about Vertebrate Evolution."  Speakers will
include Donald Swiderski, Maureen O'Leary, Sean Modesto,
Donald Prothero, Karen Zich Reiss, Karen Martin, Anne
Maglia, Kurt Schwenk, Chris Brochu and Kevin Padian.

More information on the convention, including a registration form, can be found 
on the SICB website:
and on the SVP website: