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Re: PALEONEWS: Electronic wizardry will bring dinosaurs back to life

Betty Cunningham wrote:
> Electronic wizardry will bring dinosaurs back to life
> http://uk.news.yahoo.com/991125/18/bqjr.html
> <excerpt>
> The designers want each 3.5-metre-long, 80-kilogram robotic iguanodon to
> be autonomous, making its own decisions about where to go and what to
> do. It will approach inquisitive isitors, stare at them, and even rear
> up on its back legs to browse on the nearest potted palm tree. "Usually
> you have to walk to museum exhibits. In this case the exhibit walks o
> you," says designer Vassilios Papantoniou, who works for the European
> Association for Research in Legged Robots in Lamia, Greece.

Why does the "Itchy and Scratchy Land" episode of "the Simpsons" come to mind? 

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