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new book; hot off the presses

     I have just received my copy of Patricia Vickers-Rich and Thomas 
     Hewitt Rich, 1999, Wildlife of Gondwana: Dinosaurs and Other 
     Vertebrates from the Ancient Supercontinent (Indiana University Press, 
     ISBN 0-253-33643-0).
     This is a revised and enlarged version of the Riches' 1993 Australian 
     edition.  It is a beautiful book, with oodles of color photographs of 
     specimens and life restorations.  Just in time for all your 
     paleo-oriented gift-giving needs, eh?
     This is the latest book in the series I am editing for Indiana 
     University Press, Life of the Past (OK, not very original, I guess).  
     Expect more titles over the coming months and years; we've got lots of 
     fun stuff in the pipeline.
     IU Press can be reached at iuporder@indiana.edu
     Jim Farlow