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<< Is there any info on this Fruita _Echinodon_ - specimen #, provenance 
 (including horizon)? >>

Here is a little more on the Fruita form, from my English version of the text 
of the Gakken article:

The Morrison Formation (top of the Salt Wash Member, late Kimmeridgian, about 
152 million years ago) near Fruita, Colorado has, on the other hand, yielded 
a nearly perfect right dentary less than 3 cm long (and a corresponding left 
maxilla; Figure 14) of a very small ornithischian resembling Echinodon. 
Discovered by California paleontologist George Callison, these jaws have not 
yet been described (Figure 14 is their first appearance in print); they are 
presently considered to belong to the "Fruita fabrosaurid," limb elements of 
which were studied by Callison and Helen M. Quimby in 1984.