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New Rauisuchian

Hi All -

        I haven't seen this article yet, but I found the abstract on the

A. G. Sennikov.  1999. The Evolution of the Postcranial Skeleton in
in Connection with New Finds of the Rauisuchidae in the Early Triassic of
Russia. _Paleontological Journal_ (Russian Edition) 33(6).

Abstract?A new early member of the Rauisuchidae, Scythosuchus basileus gen.
et sp. nov., from the Lower 
Triassic of the Donskaya Luka locality (Russia) and new material on
Vytshegdosuchus zheshartensis Sennikov, 
1988 are described. Based on the study of the calcaneum in S. basileus, a
hypothesis for the development of 
a crocodiloid ankle joint is proposed and other key aspects of the
functional morphology and evolution of the 
postcranial skeleton in archosaurs are considered.

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