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Re: Magyarosaurus and Seismosaurus questions

    Martin Barnett wrote-

    1)is this still considered to be a titanosaur?

    Yes, Magyarosaurus is.

    3)Is the extremely long proportionate tail on Seismosaurus a product of
being a Titanosaur or a prerequisite of being such a large sauropod?

    Seismosaurus is a diplodocid, not a titanosaur.  Keep in mind we only
have the proximal portion, so we don't know how long the tail really is.
The long tail is typical of diplodocids, that of titanosaurs is shorter,
though I don't know by how much.  But no, large sauropods don't need
especially long tails as long as their necks were shorter or held more
upright.  Diplodocids simply had long necks held out near horizontally, so
need the tail to counterbalance.

    4)If a diplodocid were the size of Seismosaurus, how would it's
proportions differ from A:Diplodocus; and B:Seismosaurus?

    Seismosaurus is a diplodocid the size of itself. ;)

    Mickey Mortimer