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Re: Magyarosaurus and Seismosaurus questions

Oo-er, don't quite know where I got that Seismosaurus was a titanosaur -
will have to refresh my notepad.  Thanks!  Thanks for other comments too.
Just to clarify though:  There is no correlation between large sauropod size
and a long tail. A long tail would be expected from a Diplodocid.  Therefore
if we found only the proximal end of a very large titanosaur we would expect
it to have a comparatively shorter tail than if it were a Diplodocid?

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>     Martin Barnett wrote-
>     1)is this still considered to be a titanosaur?
>     Yes, Magyarosaurus is.
>     3)Is the extremely long proportionate tail on Seismosaurus a product
> being a Titanosaur or a prerequisite of being such a large sauropod?
>     Seismosaurus is a diplodocid, not a titanosaur.  Keep in mind we only
> have the proximal portion, so we don't know how long the tail really is.
> The long tail is typical of diplodocids, that of titanosaurs is shorter,
> though I don't know by how much.  But no, large sauropods don't need
> especially long tails as long as their necks were shorter or held more
> upright.  Diplodocids simply had long necks held out near horizontally, so
> need the tail to counterbalance.
>     4)If a diplodocid were the size of Seismosaurus, how would it's
> proportions differ from A:Diplodocus; and B:Seismosaurus?
>     Seismosaurus is a diplodocid the size of itself. ;)
>     Mickey Mortimer