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A Most Peculiar Novel

I would not usually use this list to draw people's attention to detective stories, but I have just begun reading one with a difference.

The hero and narrator of this book, one Vincent Rubio, is a hard-boiled detective down on his luck in Los Angeles. His partner has been murdered, his business is in bad shape and his business has been reduced to cheap spying jobs on erring husbands.

Oh, yes.... He is, among other things, a Velociraptor.

The book is called "Anonymous Rex", and it is a first novel by one Eric Garcia. Its premise is that dinosaurs did not become extinct, but live among us today disguised, in clever latex suits, as normal human beings. They recognize each other by their keen sense of smell, and seem to do just fine if they can avoid becoming addicted to herbs (Vincent is hooked on basil) and can keep their tails from popping into view (using a variety of complicated clamps).

Judging by the first few chapters, the book seems like fun as long as you suspend your disbelief quite thoroughly, and avoid wondering how a brontosaur or a T-rex could possibly pass itself off as a normal-sized human being. The author is apparently working on a sequel.
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