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Re: Globidentines

In a message dated 12/6/99 7:40:03 AM Pacific Standard Time, NKing@usi.edu 

 How do we know that when mosasaurs caught ammonites, they bit into the
 shells with full force?  Would ammonite shells react the same way to such
 bites as Nautilus shells, with the extremely complex suture pattern of
 Placenticeras compared to the straight sutures of Nautilus?  Did the
 Nautilus shells have living Nautilus in them when they were bit by the
 machine?  Was the experiment performed under water?  
  Norm saved me a lot of writing. I couldn't agree with him more. The 
Kauffman and Kesling paper was very convincing. I mentioned in a post here 
some years back that the odds of limpets creating bore holes that exactly 
mimic numerous mosasaur bite marks on BOTH sides of the shell had to be 
pretty astronomical.
  As for Globidens, there is a specimen that has a possibility of stomach 
contents that I pray reaches the prep table in my lifetime. More later, I 
hope. Dan Varner.