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PTERYLOSIS: pterlae and apteria

I've just gotten a nice basic ornithology textbook (to keep up with
discussions on the list) and have read with interest the section on
PTERYLOSIS: pterlae and apteria.

PTERYLOSIS is/are the patches on a bird where feathers erupt from the
skin (pteryla) and the patches where NO feathers erupt from the skin
(apterium).  Interestingly enough, passerines show a pattern that has
the feathers growing along the spine with large empty-of-feather patches
along the sides of the neck, shoulders, and scattered about about the
torso and wings.  

Reminds me of certain dino/birds.  I'm surprised this has not been
discussed much on the list actually.

-Betty Cunningham

Flying Goat Graphics
(Society of Vertebrate Paleontology member)