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Re: Important feathered dinosaurs

Ronald Orenstein wrote:

Of course, should such a specimen appear I would expect Feduccia
or someone else to suggest that feathers might be basal in Archosauria and
so their presence in both birds and dinosaurs does not establish a
dino-bird link - so #3 would be a specimen of something like Lagosuchus
with clear skin impressions!

I'm probably pointing out the obvious here, but some kind of hair-like integumentary structure may indeed be primitive for dinosaurs, if it's present in pterosaurs (e.g. _Sordes pilosus_). For that reason (and others), it would be useful to pin down the position of the Pterosauria - as closer to the Dinosauria or to the Prolacertiformes (which lie a lot further down in the Archosauromorpha).

I wonder if anyone has compared the integumentary structures of _Sinosauropteryx_/_Beipaiosaurus_ with _Sordes_ - "dino-fuzz" with "ptero-fuzz" - yet?


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