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New dino

A new paper just came in describing a new theropod from the
Santana fm. of NE Brazil.

The ref is:

Kellner, A.W.A. 1999. Short note on a new dinosaur
   Coelurosauria) from the Santana Formation (Romualdo
   Albian), Northeastern brazil. Boletim do Museu Nacional
(Rio de Janeiro,
   Brasil), N.S. No. 49: 8 p.

The new beast is Santanaraptor placidus and is based mostly
on bones from the rear end and suggests may be
maniraptoriform coelurosaur. there is more material to be
prep'd out, so relationships may get cleared up some. Has a
big obturator notch and a few other apomorphies.

Hope more material becomes available.

Ralph Chapman, NMNH