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Ground Penetrating radar

Have another relevant source for data on GPR

Baker, J.A., N.L. Anderson & P.J. Pilles. 1997.
Ground-Penetrating Radar
   surveying in support of archeological site
   Computers & Geosciences  23(10):1093-1099.

and of course dave Gillette and company have done the real
ground-breaking (literally oxymoronic in that they do it
with relatively little ground disturbance) work on
Seismosaurus. See the books on that beast for a cue into the
subject and the classic paper:

Witten, A, D.D. Gillette, J. Sypniewski and W.C. King. 1992.
   Geophysical diffraction tomography at a dinosaur site.
   Geophysics,  57(1):187-195.

Also, another neat paper by NMNH types trying it in Kenya

Jorstad, T. & J. Clark. 1995. mapping human origins on an
ancient African
   landscape. prof. Surveyor, 15(4):10-12.

Ralph Chapman, NMNH