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Re: Important feathered dinosaurs

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From: Patrick Norton <ptnorton@email.msn.com>
To: Dinolist(message) <dinosaur@usc.edu>; larryf@capital.net
Date: Tuesday, December 07, 1999 5:06 PM
Subject: Re: Important feathered dinosaurs

>Larry Febo wrote:
>>Personally,...I like Protoavis in that it indicates the presence of a true
>>avian form as early as the Triassic.<
>I'm not how relevant that is, particularly since Chatterjee himself states
>(in "The Rise of Birds") that Archaeopteryx is a more primitive form than

Of course, a more "primitive" form could be just a holdover from earlier
times. But, the strata tells the story. Protoavis was found in the Triassic
Dockum formation......no?