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RE: Tyrannosaurid ontogeny

From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of Martin Barnett

A quote from the Tinker website:


 presence of Nano teeth is interesting and is a great example of new things that Tinker will be able to tell us…When Nanotyrannus was first discovered many scientists insisted it was a young T-rex, not some midget distant cousin (Nano’s were probably only half the size of a full sized rex). So much for that theory. Tinker’s teeth are every bit T-rex, not at all like Nano teeth. We will be learning many more things similar to this as more of Tinker is freed and examined…and not just about Tinker. "

Hmmm... Nanotyrannus teeth in a Tyrannosaurus nest - Wouldn't a more parsimonious sequence of events be that half-sized Juvenile Tyrannosaurus rexes had baby teeth and sometime between then and three-quarter sized development, the full adult teeth kick in?  The site even mentioned the fact that crocodile babies have needle teeth while the adults do not, yet did not ultimately come to this conclusion.  Is there some piece of information about this new find that I've missed?
No, you are right on track.  That WOULD seem to be a legitimate alternative hypothesis.  What we need now, of course, is the data to test these two hypotheses.