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More refs and stuff

Happy with the installation of a Stan in our dino hall, more
Triceratops progress etc, we have some quick refs -

I have often thought that we really need an up-to-date
summary of Chinese sauropods in English complete with
taxonomic, geographic and historical data, hopefully written
by Dong or someone else with real experience.

Well, I'm still waiting but we do have a review from a
french paleontologist in french published in a Swiss journal
and it seems pretty neat, despite my bad French.

Martin-Rolland, V. 1999. Les Sauropodes chinois. Revue
Paleobiol., Geneve, 18(1):287-315.

In the same issue we have -

Gasparini, Z., L. Spalletti, M. Fernandez, & M. de la
Fuente. 1999. Tithonian marine reptiles from the Neuquen
Basin: diversity and paleoenvironments. Revue Paleobiol.,
Geneve, 18(1):335-345

and finally, some more K-T stuffola

Debrabant, P. et al. 1999. the imprint of the Chicxulub
asteroid impact in clay minerals from the
Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary in Guatemala. Bull. Soc. Geol.
France, 170(5):643-660.

That's a quickie

Ralph E. Chapman, NMNH