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"So much for that theory"?

In a message dated 12/8/99 10:01:04 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
martin.barnett3@virgin.net writes:

<< A quote from the Tinker website:
 The simple presence of Nano teeth is interesting and is a great example of 
new things that Tinker will be able to tell us.When Nanotyrannus was first 
discovered many scientists insisted it was a young T-rex, not some midget 
distant cousin (Nano's were probably only half the size of a full sized rex). 
So much for that theory.  >>
  Who's theory? Who insisted?
  When "Nanotyrannus" was initially described, it was named Gorgosaurus 
lancensis by Gilmore and was thought to be an adult. In other words, a 
"midget distant cousin" of Tyrannosaurus. A that's the way it remained for 
years and years. 
  Have we here revised (or just made-up) history and the creation of the 
Strawman--those many scientists insisting "it was a young T-rex". Commercial 
fossil dealers and their attendants need to belittle the establishment, even 
if they have to invent their facts. If your vocation or avocation is 
vertebrate paleontology, and if you comply with the ethics of the profession, 
these people are only too happy to fashion you into something of whole cloth 
if it serves their purpose. And they are pushing this website off on 
teachers.  Dan Varner.