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RE: Tinker

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> Darryl Jones
> I am confused by something on their site:

[some discussion of "Tinker"'s size]

Everybody, PLEASE NOTE: the specimen is *still largely unprepared*!!  Do not
take ANY total body length or mass estimates as being supported by the
evidence.  At present, trust only lengths of individual elements (individual
bones, teeth, etc.).

> Is it me, or is the math wonky?  Any comparison between it and
> Nanotyrannus
> (tooth comparisons) is not necessarily fair.  CMNH 7541
> (Nanotyrannus/juvenile Tyrannosaurus) is about 40% grown, much
> smaller than
> "Tinker".  In over 25% growth, many changes are bound to happen.  Or is
> this all just me?

It is not just you: this is one aspect of the project I am VERY interested
in pursuing!!!

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