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> Mickey Mortimer asked if the holotype of _Santanaraptor_ Kellner is
> the same thing as SMNK 2349 PAL. The answer is no, they are totally
> different specimens: however, whether or not they are from the same
> species/genus remains to be seen (I have yet to see the
> _Santanaraptor_ paper so cannot comment).
_Santanaraptor_ is housed in the Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio
de Janeiro.  The specimen number is MN 4802-V.  This is the same specimen
with soft tissue preservation previously mentioned by Kellner in his 1996
paper in Nature (379:32).

_Santanaraptor_ is much smaller than the Santana "oviraptorosaur": however,
because the specimens do not overlap in terms of material, it cannot be
resolved if they are the same taxon.  Futhermore, Kellner reports that
additional specimens of theropods larger than _Santanaraptor_ are known and
awaiting description.  Cool stuff!!

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