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Re: PALEONEWS: Did dinosaurs come in different colors?

In a message dated 12/9/99 11:08:10 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
nrlongri@midway.uchicago.edu writes:

<< This summer I got to see what appear to be preserved dinosaur
 *stripes*, believe it or not, one of the few cases I know of any truly
 ancient animals preserving a coloration pattern. >>

  There is a specimen of the mosasaur, Platecarpus, from the Niobrara Chalk 
of Kansas at the Los Angeles Museum, that preserves scales and a possible 
pattern. JD Stewart presented a paper on this at SVP back in Albuquerque '93. 
I haven't seen it and I don't think anything's been published yet, but I 
believe it was rather "blotched". I wonder if Czerkas used it for the pattern 
in his life-sized model of same at the New Mexico Museum.
  A little avain dinosaur also tells me Caudipteryx preserves a striped 
pattern. Insects also. Dan Varner.