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Re: PALEONEWS: Did dinosaurs come in different colors?

nicholas roy longrich wrote:

>         This summer I got to see what appear to be preserved dinosaur
> *stripes*, believe it or not, one of the few cases I know of any truly
> ancient animals preserving a coloration pattern. Well, actually I don't
> know of any others. Unfortunately, these are Eocene (i.e. avian). They are
> a series of bands on the tail feathers of a Green River Formation bird
> --SNIP--

Color banding on the rectrices of the oviraptorosauroid theropod, _Caudipteryx
zouhi_ is reported by Qiang, Currie, Norell, and Shu-an in their paper, "Two
feathered dinosaurs from northeastern China," _Nature_, Vol. 393, June 25,
1998, pp.753-761.  The banding can be seen in Figure 8b on page 760.  Brian
Cooley's _Caudipteryx_ model, on the cover of the January 1998 _National
Geographic_ magazine, incorporates the tail feathers of a pheasant.  See also

The January 1998 _Discover_ magazine shows another inhabitant of the Liaoning
site, a dragonfly with preserved wing markings, on page 48.

-- Ralph W. Miller III       gbabcock@best.com