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RE: PALEONEWS: Did dinosaurs come in different colors?

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> Ralph W. Miller III
> Color banding on the rectrices of the oviraptorosauroid theropod,
> _Caudipteryx
> zouhi_ is reported by Qiang, Currie, Norell, and Shu-an in their
> paper, "Two
> feathered dinosaurs from northeastern China," _Nature_, Vol. 393, June 25,
> 1998, pp.753-761.  The banding can be seen in Figure 8b on page
> 760.

Two notes:
I) As Darren Naish pointed out, the color banding MIGHT be due to some
non-biological chemical process (as in, for example, color banding in
dendrites in the Solnhofen).

II) The first and last authors of the Nature paper are Ji and Ji.  This
article should be listed as Ji, Currie, Norell and Ji. 1998.

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