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RE: Tinker

At 08:30 AM 12/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Everybody, PLEASE NOTE: the specimen is *still largely unprepared*!!  Do not
>take ANY total body length or mass estimates as being supported by the
>evidence.  At present, trust only lengths of individual elements (individual
>bones, teeth, etc.).
The only bone lengths they list are the tibia (which is not very telling,
as at least tyrannosaurids grow into their tibias like dogs grow into their
paws) and the ischium.  I assume that they said 2/3 grown due to the
lengths in these.  I gather that these are the only things they have to go
on.  They have a map of bones found/prepared (which is a tail-dragger), but
have not started filling it out yet.  In the store (odd that it works, but
links are not up yet, nor is the above mentioned bone map) thay have
lengths on teeth and foot and HAND CLAWS.  Are these the first T. rex
manual claws found, or just the fist ones reported?

I also notice that the estimates of what they have preserved has dropped
down to 70% now.

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