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Antarctica...how cold?

How cold was antarctica in the mid-late Triassic? Lystrosaurs were found there from the (late Permian???),..no? And dinosaurs were found that must have at least migrated through there also (Jurrassic-Cretaceous?). Could someone clarify these time frames?
What sparked me off was a statement by Wellnhofer in his Pterosaur book (pg 9 under diagram of fossil distribution)..."The distribution of fossil finds indicates that pterosaurs once lived on all continents except Antarctica." Is this just poor phrasing due to translation probs, or is he indicating that (statistically), there is indication that there really were no Pterosaurs in Antarctica? Was it just too cold for them, even at that earlier time? The earlier pterosaur finds do seem to be grouped around the equatorial region (for the Triassic)....Just how cold was it?